Queen Victoria's

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria was a regular visitor to the Kennel clubs shows as an exhibitor and won a silver cup for her collie dog Darnley, and  a beaker for her spitz Fluffy.
She won The Crystal Palace breeders Medal 1873, Crufts Gold Medal for the best team of Pomeranians (Fluffy, Beppo, and Alfeo) and the Pomeranian Club’s two gold and silver medals (see below)
Queen Victoria brought back a Red 12 pound Pom from Italy, in 1888, and this was the start of breeding smaller poms, to there every day weight of 3-5 pounds. Queen Victoria bought several smaller dogs and this was the start of breeding smaller poms as they were more attractive.

Pomeranian Club’s Gold Medal won in 1891, this medal was awarded to Queen Victoria at the Kennel Club Show of this year
It was awarded to her Pomeranian “Windsor Marco” and presented to
Queen Victoria by Theo Marples on behalf of the Pomeranian Club.
On the back it is inscribed
Awarded at the Kennel Club Show 1891 to Her Majesty
Queen Victoria’s “Windsor Marco. Theo Marples Hon Sec
On the front of the medal is an engraving of Marco with The Pomeranian Club around the medal
The medal includes a Crown and Sceptre and is roughly
the size of a two pence piece

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria's Windsor Marco
Windsor Marco's Medal
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