Doggy History

Theo Marples
Theo Marples

Theo was the Founder of "Our Dogs" Newspaper
In 1870 Theo exhibited a white bitch "Smooth Fox Terrier" puppy
at the Alexandra Show and won the 2nd prize
Theo judged his first show in Halifax in 1873 which was today’s equivalent of a
“companion show” at a village church fete
In 1891 Theo became the first Secretary of the newly formed Pomeranian Club,
until he resigned in August 1894
Theo Marples was Hon Sec of the Kennel Club Show 1891
In recognition of his sterling work in the Pomeranian Club,
Theo was presented with a marble mantle clock, at the Cruft’s Dog Show in 1895
Theo Founded "Our Dogs" newspaper 1895
In 1913 Theo became a Vice President to the newly formed
South of England Pomeranian Club
Theo judge the Pomeranians in 1892 at the "Toy Spanial Club, Schipperke Club, (England), Pomeranian Club, and Pug Dog Club held at St Stephens Hall Royal Aquarium, Westminster, which included classes Open, any colour or weight, Dog or Bitch. Limit any weight. White Dog or Bitch, Limit any weight Black Dog or Bitch. Noveice any weight any colour Dog or Bitch. Any colour under 7lbs, being five classes in all.
Theo judged many a show not only in the UK but America Canada South Africa And Russia,
until his demise in a fatal car crash returning from Taunton Show June 5th 1931 he was 83.
Taunton was to have been his last show as he had decided to retire from judging

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