Pat Gaskell
It is with great sadness that we have learnt of Pat Gaskell (Marshbury) passing away on Saturday 29th March 2008.Pat was a Patron of the Pomeranian Club, where she will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go to her friends and family

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I am sorry to hear of Pat passing away. I am sure Pat will be sadly missed by all of the Pomeranian Breeders who have met her.
I should think she will be greatly missed by the Pomeranian Club for her outstanding work as an officer, friend, and her vast knowledge of the breed

Bryan Hall (Tuttsclump)
Dear Pat - She was a great stalwart for our breed.  Her knowledge of the breed history was fantastic - there was not much she could not tell you about any champions past and present  She will be greatly missed as an Officer and friend of the Pomeranian Club. Go show them upstairs Pat what a good dog is!! R.I.P. 
Sue Sanderson (Sandchize)
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I have known Pat since I came into the breed, and started showing in 1980, I had several CC's from her over the years, and found her to be a very knowledgeable judge, and true lover of the breed.
Her droll sense of humour had me in stiches at many a ringside and what started out as a quick phone call would often turn into a couple of hours as we put the world of Poms to  She will be much missed and always remembered.

Eve Smail, Toybox Poms.
Pat was a Secretary of the Northern Club for many years, latterly a Vice 
President and I had the pleasure of working with her for 8 of those years  as Chairperson when at the time she would put me in check if it was  needed!    We feel at the Northern that she was very much part of  our Club as well as the Pomeranian Club's past Secretary.  She was a very  knowledgeable lady of Pomeranians past and present and enjoyed the running of  Shows of which she was an expert. 
We at the Northern are so sad to have  lost one of our stalwarts of the breed and that a lot of history of the breed  will have gone with her.  May you have peace Pat and no more pain and  that you are with your fellow furry friends. 
Our deepest sympathy go  to your daughter and granddaughter. 
Many thanks to the South of England Pomeranian Club for doing this message  board.

Lynn Webster Northern Pomeranian Club
Thoughts of much sadness for the loss of a very well known and respected lady.

Melanie Peacham: Melenbri Pomeranians
Funeral on Tuesday 8th at 2:30pm
Dukinfield Crematorium Hall Green Road (Off Crescent Road) Dukinfield Cheshire SK16 4EP
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Donations to  St Ann’s Hospice St Ann’s Road North Heald Green Cheadle Cheshire SK8 3SZ 0161 4378136  Donations:   Please show your appreciation to Pat by donating to the St Ann’s Hospice in lieu of funeral flowers.quoting in memory of Pat Gaskell  at
It was with great  sadness that we learnt of the death of one of the breeds Strongest supporters Pat Gaskell . On Behalf of the South of England Pomeranian Club may We send all  her many friends and family our Sympathy and  sincere condolences.
South of England Pomeranian Club
Other members of the south of England Pomeranian club will no doubt add their personnel thoughts to the web page regarding Pat Gaskell's very sad, untimely death. But sadly not knowing the lady very well I cannot add very much of my own. However what I can say is that although I did not know her personally very well, when we did speak I found her to be friendly cheerful and very helpful. A staunch supporter of our breed in many ways a real asset to any club. I send mine and the clubs sincere condolences to her family. She will be remembered fondly by all in our breed for a long while to come

Gill taylor
Having known Pat for more years than I can remember I think of all the things she achieved, secretary of the Pomeranian club and also of the Northern club breed note writer for our dogs. the thing I remember most was Pat's wonderful sense of humour and all the funny stories she shared with me I remember an afternoon Pat, Carl and I spent at a champ show and we all laughed until our sides ached and were getting very strange looks from other exhibiters this just made us worse, whenever I think of Pat I smile or even laugh out loud. My condolences to her family

Christine McCutcheon-Clarke
Not knowing Pat well, I can’t add much except to add my condolences to both Family and Friends.
The Pomeranian Club has lost an irreplaceable member

Val Christopher
Goodnight dear Pat -

Mary Larrassey (Warleggen)
From the Committee of the South of England Pomeranian Club. We send our condolances to the Gaskill family. The club will make a donation to The St Anns Hospice for Pat and the family with our love and appretiation for her contribution to the breed and her work with our dogs on the breed section of  "Our Dogs".
Pat will be sadly missed by all in pomeranian's.      
Chris Spratt, Treasurer South of England Pomeranian Club
A lovely lady who we had great conversations with, she will be sadly missed.

With deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

Kind regards

Caroline & Maureen, (Trenarwyn) Carol, (Moonrae)
Caroline & Maureen Odd (Trenarwyn Pomeranians)
Pat was a very knowledgeable person, not only regarding Pomeranians, but many other breeds also. She had terriers in her earlier years, and showed and judged Lakelands. Although I knew her for a short time in the mid-sixties, it was not through dogs.
Our future meeting came in the mid-eighties, when we started showing, and she was Secretary of the Pomeranian Club. In later years, both David and myself worked alongside Pat on the committee of The Northern Pomeranian Club, while she was their Secretary. She could reel off the parentage of most of the winning Poms if a name came into the conversation, and which lines would suit your bitches, if you planned to breed.
Pat always had the interest of the breed first, and never ceased to work for the benefit of the breed. Pat will be sadly missed by both of us. She was the true MRS. POM.
                  Gone but hopefully never forgotten,
                   VIV and DAVE MARGINSON. VANDIMO POMS