Open Show June 2014

Open Show 8th June 2014
at New Haw Community Hall
New Haw Addlestone Surrey
Judge; Amanda Orchard (Manatek)

Main winners:
Best In Show: Renoirs Beautiful Brad of Travillon ShCM (imp)
Reserve Best In Show: Sidlyn Clowning for Joy
Best Dog: Renoirs Beautiful Brad of Travillon ShCM (imp)
Res Best Dog: Villenelle Let It Be
Best Bitch: Sidlyn Clowning For Joy
Res Best Bitch: Jillapom Talula With Pomstar
Best Bitch Puppy: Bowlou Pippa
Best Puppy  In Show: Bowlou Pippa
Reserve Best Puppy: Gillipom Braveheart
Best Veteran: Ch Benlease Barney Rubble ShCM

Class 1; Veteran Dog or Bitch (4) (1 Absent)
1st: Ch Benlease Barney Rubble ShCM
2nd: Benlease Ace of Spades at Pomstar Sc CM
3rd: Joanme Mr Moonlight

Class 2: Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Class 3: Puppy Dog (2)
1st: Gillipom Braveheart
2nd: Travillion Hot Toddy

Class 4: Junior Dog (0)

Class 5: Novice Dog (1)
1st Travillion Hot Toddy

Class 6: Post Graduate Dog (3) (1 Absent)
1st: Villenelle Let It Be
2nd: Pommania's Head Line News

Class 7: Limit Dog: (2) (1 Absent)
1st Bilijees What a Charmer

Class 8: Open Dog (4) (1Absent)
1st: Renoir Beautiful Brad Of Travillion
2nd: Bilijees Truelee Red
3rd; Pomirosa Peter Pan

Class 9: Minor Puppy Bitch (6) (1 Absent)
1st: Bowlou Pippa
2nd: Cagney's Goodnight My Angel
3rd: Cavabina Over the Moon At  Goldvox
Res: Villenelle Sparks Aflying
VHC: Sheshinka Berendeevoi Slobodi At Pomirosa

Class 10: Puppy Bitch (2)
1st: Dilina Royal Showy Ray For Lijun (Imp)
2nd: Cagneys Lullabye

Class 11: Junior Bitch (2)
1st: Jeshuas La Vie En rose
2nd: Gillipom Driving Miss Daisy

Class 12: Novice Bitch (2) (1 Absent)
1st Jillapom Talula With Pomstar

Class 13: Post Graduate Bitch (1)
1st: Bilijees Valentina JW

Class 14: Limit Bitch (1) (1Absent)

Class 15: Open Bitch (5)
1st: Sidlyn Clowning For Joy JW
2nd: Trenarwyn Tennessee Tease
3rd: Blacktsar Toffee I'Scream At Tracdal
Res: Pomirosa Sweet Magic

Class 16: Special Open (Orange) Dog or Bitch (2) (1Absent)
1st: Cagneys Lullabye

Class 17: Special Open (Sable) Dog or Bitch (2)
1st: Gillipom Phantom Spirit
2nd: Joanme Mr Moonlight

Class 18: Special Open (Black/Cream) Dog or Bitch (2)
1st: Villenelle Let It Be
2nd: Jillapom Talula With Pomstar

Class 19: Special Open (Any Other Colour) Dog or Bitch (0)

Class 20: Special Beginners (2)
1st: Cagneys Goodnight my Angel
2nd: Joanme Mr Moonlight

South of England Pomeranian Club Open Show 7th June 2014

South of England Pomeranian Club Open Show 7th June 2014
I thank the South of England Pomeranian Club for asking me to judge their Open Show today 7th June 2014 and thank you to the exhibitors for your entry. I was pleased with the overall quality, soundness and movement of the winners; in general the males had the edge on the bitches.  Mouths overall were good, coat and condition on the majority was excellent. Head type and expression did vary.
Judge:  Amanda Orchard (Manatek)
Veteran 4 (1)
1.Odd’s, Ch Benlease Barney Rubble ShCm – Orange dog 8 yrs old alert and attentive, a lovely type who moved so well, true and sound, in super condition, on top form today to win the class and BVIS. 

2.Lamberts, Benlease Ace of Spades at Pomstar ShCm – Black dog of 8 yrs – another lovely type, in super condition, moved and showed well – just preferred overall picture of 1.

3.Chapman’s, Joanme Mr Moonlight
MPD No entries
PD 2 (0)
1.Hull’s, Gillipom Braveheart, Orange 9mths of age – good mouth, sweet expression, lovely neat ears, short and compact, good tail set, super coat, moved and showed very well. RBPIS

2.Killick’s, Travillon Hot Toddy, Orange 11mths another lovely puppy maturing nicely – super head and expression, fabulous coat  – very close decision – just a tad unsettled in movement today.
JD No entries
Novice Dog 1
1.Killicks, Travillon Hot Toddy
PGD 3 (1)
1.Nolan’s, Villenelle Let it Be, Cream 20mths such a pleasing expression and good head properties, excellent pigment, good mouth, super type and size, lovely coat with a good tail set – moved sound and true. Would just prefer a little more sparkle. RBD

2.Lewis, Pommanias Head Line News, Cream 2 yrs, lovely head and expression, neat ears, good pigment,  in super coat and condition, larger than 1. 
LD 2 (1)
1.Stone’s, Bilijees What A Charmer – Orange sable  - 4yrs – pleasing head and expression- in super coat and condition, good tail set and lovely plume – correct size – moved and showed well - would prefer him a tad shorter in back.

OD 4 (1)
1.Killick’s, Renior Beautiful Brad of Travillon ShCM (Imp) Orange sable 4 yrs – I would prefer a sweeter head/expression but you have to go over this dog to really appreciate his qualities. Good mouth, neat ears. Well laid shoulders, short and compact body, fabulous coat with good tail set – moved with purpose and drive, so sound – showed extremely well – could watch him on the move all day. BD & BIS

2.Stone’s, Bilijess Trulee Red Orange sable 3 yrs – pleasing expression, in good coat. Nice size and type. Showed and moved well.

3.Reid’s, Pomirosa Peter Pan

MPB 6 (1)
1.Lewis, Bowlou Pippa, Orange sable 8mths, good mouth, neat ears, very pretty expression, ultra feminine, showed and moved well, lovely coat for age.  BPIS

2.Booths, Cagneys Goodnight my Angel, 6 mths, pretty Orange bitch, good mouth, very much a baby, showed well, lovely type, just needs to settle on the move.

3.Choppings, Cavabina Over the Moon at Goldfox
PB 2 (0)
1.Selwood & Lamberts, Dilina Royal Showy Ray for Lijun (imp,) 11mths very pretty Orange bitch sweetest of expressions, neat nears, in super coat and condition, nice type, moved and showed well.

2.Booths, Cagneys Lullabye Orange 6mths, good head and expression, good mouth, lovely sized girl, coming into good coat – moved well when cooperated with handler, just needs more confidence.
JB 2 (0)
1.Jame’s , Jeshua’s La Vie En Rose, Orange 16mths, very pretty feminine girl, good mouth, small neat ears, moved and showed well, lovely size and type.

2.Hull’s, Gillipom Driving Miss Daisy, Orange 14mths,  another girl of lovely size and type, in excellent coat, unsettled on the move.
NB 2 (1)
1.Lamberts, Jillapom Talula with Pomstar, Black 2yrs old – stood alone but a very worthy winner, good mouth, pleasing head properties, loved her type and size, dense harsh coat, moved and showed very well. RBB
PGB 1 (0)
1.Lewis’s, Bilijess Valentina, Cream 19mths, very pretty and feminine, good mouth, nice sized girl, showed well.

LB  No entries
OB 5 (1)
1.Smith’s, Sidlyn Clowning for Joy, 2yr old Orange, lovey head and expression, the neatest of ears, super type and correct size, in excellent coat finished off with good tail set and plume. Moved & showed well.  RBIS

2.Odd’s, Trenarwyn Tennessee Tease, 3yrs Orange, another lovely girl, one I have judged before, good head and mouth, correct size, good type, just not the coat of 1, slightly unsettled.

3.Selwood’s, Blacktsar Toffee I Scream at Tracdal
Sp. Open Orange 2 (1)
1.Booth’s, Cagneys Lullabye
Sp.Open Orange Sable 2 (0)
1.Hull’s, Gillipom Phantom Spirit 21 mths Orange sable dog – sweet head and expression, good mouth, lovely coat, nice type just needs to settle on move.

2.Chapman’s, Joanme Mr Moonlight 9 years old, lovely boy with kind expression, up to size, profuse coat
Sp. Open Black/Cream 2 (0)
1.Nolan’s Villenelle Let it Be

2.Lambert’s Jillapom Tallula with Pomstar
Sp. Open AOC 0
Special Beginners 2 (0)
1.Booth’s, Cagney’s Goodnight My Angel

2.Chapmans, Joanme Mr Moonlight

Judge:  Amanda Orchard (Manatek)

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