Important Announcement regarding MERLE Pomeranians

In light of the recent television programme ‘Posh Pets’ the SOEPC breed club would like to emphasize that the pattern ‘Merle’ in any colour variation in the Pomeranian is not permissible by the Kennel Club and enforced by all the Pomeranian Breed Clubs in the UK. One of the reasons for Merle not being permissible in the UK are the related health issues associated with this gene. Buyers should not be duped by persons advertising such colours as ‘rare’ and ‘exotic’ and thus charging over inflated prices and breeding purely for monetary gain. Often such persons have no true in-depth knowledge of the breed, related genetics and possible health issues. The dogs primarily used for breeding such patterns/colours have been imported into the UK; this often means there is no background knowledge of any health issues. Those looking for a Pomeranian should fully acquaint themselves with all the related information of owning a Pomeranian by firstly contacting the Breeds Clubs and then by visiting Discover Dogs at both the Excel in October and Crufts in March where full breed information is available.
The SOEPC breed club would also like to voice it’s disapproval on the mass importing of Pomeranian's, mainly from Eastern European countries, by what seems to be commercial traders that go on to sell these dogs at over inflated prices via internet sites and other sources. Adding a puppy to a ‘shopping cart’ and paying by PayPal or credit card is totally immoral; this is not a purchase off Amazon! These puppies are brought into the UK purely to be sold on for monetary gain. As the majority of these puppies are imported, once again there is very little background knowledge of the parents or any related health issues. If you are looking for a Pedigree healthy Pomeranian reared with love and great care contact the Breed Clubs for advice on the breed and also for reputable breeders.