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Message of Condolences For Mary Larrassey
Message from Bryan Hall
Message: It was a shock to have received the message that Mary has gone!
Mary was always friendly with me and always made me welcome.
I will miss her friendly banter we had at every show RIP Mary

Message From Robert Niven-lewis
Message: is it with such sadness to hear of the sudden passing away of Mary who was such a full of life character and will be so sadly missed around the Pom ring by all her friends over the years.

Message From Jean Almond
Message: Such a shock to hear of the passing of Mary. My heartfelt sympathy to her family & friends.

Message From MRS C D Holman
Message: It is such a loss, both to myself and the breed. I have known Mary for more years than I care to remember. She will be missed.

Message From Gill Taylor
Message: Mary was a strong supporter of the South of England Pomeranian Club and was always there to help and advise. She was always pleased to see new faces in the breed and helped newcomers where ever she could. We all at the club will miss her and will feel her loss, not able to get to the shows as much as she used to, but supported in any way she could.  Another of our best gone but hopefully never forgotten. RIP Mary

Message From Jane Bailey
Message: We may  have had our differences at times but I will always remember you with a smile; Rest in peace Mary lots of love Jane Bailey x

Message From Jose Antonio Mogro
Message: I´m so sorry for loss so wonderful woman. Pomeranian world feel her loss. My condolence to all her family and friends. Now she is a new star on the sky. RIP Mary

Message From Kay Goodwin (Kaline)
Message: Mary had been in Poms for years....sadly another one of the old-timers has gone

Message From J WALSH
Message: So sorry to here of Mary's death such a character!!! she will be sadley missed. R.I.P.

Message From Caroline & Maureen Odd -Trenarwyn
Message: Mary you lived life to the full and did it your way!!! We will miss you at the shows and remember you always! A special Good bye from Elvis!

Message From Melissa and Michaela Hills
Message: So sorry to learn such sad and sudden news.  Our thoughts and condolences to Mary's family and friends.  RIP Mary x

Message From Cath Stewart
Message: Will be sadly missed by all in our lovely breed

Message From Rodney & Maureen Russell
Message: A great shock to us both of the passing of our dear friend Mary,will miss our chats and hugs and laughter.Mary will be sadly missed at our South of England Club shows,peace be with you Mary and not forgotten.

Message From Louise & Peter Stevens
Message: A lovely lady always pleasant to talk to and a regular face around our shows RIP

Message From Amanda Orchard & Susan Whitelock
Message: Such sad news to hear of Mary's passing - a lady of such character who will be greatly missed.  Our sincere condolences to family and friends x

Message From Lisa & Daniel Lloyd
Message: We are not members of the Pomeranian Club. We are not even dog breeders but we were family friends of Mary and wanted to leave our condolences somewhere for this extra special lady. We will always remember the wacky glasses, the raucous laugh, the wicked humour and the colourful comments but most of all we will remember  her passion for her 'poms'. Our world will be too quiet without her. Many thanks.

Message From Sue Sanderson
Message: Differences apart... I will always have fond memories of Mary and will be eternally grateful for her help and guidance in my formatuive years in the breed

Message From Jed, Manda, Danielle, Shaylan and Zac Sanderson
Message: Memories of good times with you and mum over the years, to be remembered - the happy times

Message From Shelley Sanderson
Message: Remebering the super times you and mum had, outweighing the bad  RIP Mary

Message From Celia and Vanda Smith
Message: It was a great shock to hear that Mary had passed away,we knew her for over 35 years, became friends and had many good times (plus a few up's and downs!!)but she was  "Larger than life" and will be missed and remembered

Message From Chris Spratt
Message: It was Mary who sold me my first show dog, and Mary who encouraged me to join the SOE committee.
Lynda and myself are very saddened that she has passed away. She was a great friend and we loved her lots.
Warleggen Urban Vixen is eleven now and still strong. In her showtime she won an open show.
Rest in peace Mary.

Message From Lynn Webster
Message Such a shock to hear about this very amiable lady, always had a good word to say to me - my deepest sympathy

Message From Jean and Roger Banfield
Message: You will be sadly missed Mary. Always a smile and you had incredible knowledge of the dog world and helped so many   God bless.

Message From Vanessa Wegmann
Message I have been privileged to be a friend of the lovely and humerous Mary Larrassey since circa 1980.  In all those years we never had a cross word and all our times together were fun.  I will miss Mary's keen wit, sense of fair play, kindness and most of all her wisdom.  When God made Mary he broke the mold.  God Bless you my dear dear friend.  Sadly missed in Gloucestershire and around the world.

Message From Debbie Woodward
Message: Rest in peace Mary.  God bless you. Love Debbie x

Message From Mr Shaun S Matthews
Message I have had some wonderful times at show in Marys company,and these memories will stay with me for ever.
Mary was very kind to me at a very bad time in my life & thats what you call a good friend. God bless you X

Message From Gary Thomas
Message: RIP Mary,You will be sadly missed. Gary.(Jonsville Pekingese).

Message From Joan & Charlotte Reynolds (Ambrill)
Message Both myself and Charllotte are very sad to hear this news another well known pom person We new her for many many years R.I.P

Message From Revlon Kinloch nee Larrassey
Message I have just been on this site for the first time since my mother died, I would like to thank you all for your messages, and a special thank you to Sue Sanderson for taking the time and trouble to write such a lovely piece about my Mum.I would like to also thank all those who attended her funeral, Averil for the refreshments afterwards,flowers, and the donations; which have all been received with much gratitude to the British Heart Foundation. Lastly I would like to thank my Mum for having me.

Tribute to Mary from Sue Sanderson
Mary was a country girl at heart having been raised on a farm by her American mother and her gentleman, squire like father, she also had a brother. Dogs were always around initially Dalmatians and Spaniels who were used for working and shoots. Mary loved hunting of all descriptions, especially fox hunting as was apparent in latter years when seeing the walls of her house adorned with a lot of pictures appertaining to it...and defended it strongly should you dare to say it should be abolished. She rode very well and earn’t extra money by giving riding lessons to save up for her own dog, a Pomeranian, which she had seen doing circus tricks. Her father always said "that’s not a dog - you want one, you buy one"!! ....but she never did whilst living at home. After she married and had 2 children, Rupert and Revlon (named as she was working for the cosmetic company at the time!). She took over as licensee of The Longhope Manor in the Forest of Dean and had 2 Jack Russels called Port and Sherry, very apt considering her line of work, and these dogs were always tied either side of the pram as guard dogs in the days when it was considered safe to park your pram outside a shop whilst you went in to get your purchases. After a while she moved to Bromley in Kent where she was manageress of Van Allen - a very upmarket ladies clothes shop - she also had a Dalmatian here. She was transferred to the Cheltenham branch of the shop which was subsequently turned into the first boutique shop in Gloucestershire. I am told there was a talking caged bird in the shop much to the amusement of customers (goodness knows what it said!!?) and loud music of the day was to be heard belting out of the shop despite several visits from the local constabulary after complaints from the older generation. Mary could be seen strolling around in her hot pants and high boots making a statement and being her normal flamboyant self, even then. A Border Collie joined the family there. The next move was back to the pub trade and she took over The Nags Head in Cinderford back in The Forest of Dean. This is where the Chows came on the scene, Revlon showing those and Mary with her new breed, Shelties. Running a pub takes up a lot of time but the girls did go to shows when time allowed. Eventually Mary moved back to Cheltenham and the Poms came along. Her first Pomeranian came from Ross-on-Wye from a man called Ron Tabb who was a cobbler by trade...and wait for this...had no legs - funny but true!! Gossip cost her the princely sum of £60! Her new endeavour was a shop called Mary Pope Old and New (Pope was her maiden name) and she dealt mainly in furs. As we all know Mary had the gift of the gab and could sell ice to an Eskimo and what she didn’t know she blagged! Trips up to the markets at Portobello Road in London were not uncommon and proved very successful. Gossip subsequently had 3 puppies and she kept all three and thus started her love of the breed and the showing. She was off every weekend in the days when she did drive and earned herself the title locally of The Open Show Queen as she did so well. I am not at all surprised that she went on to judge the breed as she obviously had an eye for the right thing as...... and not a lot of people know this...... she was also a sheep judge!! Mary led a full and interesting life and told many tales - worthy of putting in writing I always said! A colourful, slightly eccentric lady (by her own admission) but a lady that I know will be missed by may people in and out of the dog world. RIP Mary (who’s real name by the way was in fact Esther) Larrassey 1936-2011.
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Mary Larrassey
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