Gladys Dyke 

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Gladys Dyke (1904 -- 1997)
Breeder of the Famous Hadleigh Pomeranians
Hadleigh Pomeranians
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Life of Gladys Dyke

Glady’s family had a Pomeranian for years, but when Gladys become engaged to Albert he gave her a Pomeranian as an engagement present, the interest in Pomeranians (and breeding partnership) was launched.
Gladys bought her first breeding bitch (Eastney Madcap) from Mrs Carlin of the Eastney Pomeranian Kennels in 1938.
This bitch was mated to a Glenelg dog, and produced three puppies, one of which was shown, and whilst still a puppy won Best Bitch in Show at the first Pomeranian Club show after the war. One other bitch was kept for breeding
Gladys bred hundreds (770 on my database so far and still adding) of Pomeranians from 1938 to 1989, and made up a great deal of these to Champions.
Look back through many established breeders lines and you will find Hadleigh poms
Gladys aquired her first breeding bitch Eastney Madcap in 1938, and this was the start of a "Legend" of her fabulous and famous Hadleigh Pomeranians. Just look at the photos above and see how each and every one was built from the same blueprint
Gladys's husband, Mr Albert Dyke who died in 1977, was the guiding force behind the “Hadleigh” breeding, which some say, declined after his passing away.
Gladys gained her first Champions in 1948 (after the Second World War), but her  “heyday” was in the 1960’s
Gladys last dog to be registered was a wolf sable bitch "Hadleigh Star of THe East " born on 17th May 1989
Gladys died in Feb 1997. The Hadleigh Affix (Kennel Name) is continued with Mr Igarashi in Japan

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