Doggy History

On these pages I have formulated snippets of hopefuly interesting articles
on Pomeranian dog related information/history.

The history of the Pomeranian since 1777

I have tried to give you factual history of the Pomeranians,
and the beginning of the entertaining Dog Shows

I have included people who have made the Dog World what it is today

From the begining of the Pomeranian breed
arriving in England by Queen Charlotte

The begining of the smaller petite pom by Queen Victoria

The Begining of Crufts with Charles Cruft

The forming of the Kennel Club, the Pomeranian Club,
and the forming of the South of England Pomeranian Club

The Famous people who own, or have owned our beutiful Pomeranians

I have tried to be as factual as possible, gaining information from
web sites, publications, Show catalogues, Dog World newspaper,
the Kennel Club, Secretaries from Pomeranian Clubs and numerous breeders
and other people in the know!

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If you find any of this information is incorrect please email me
and I will endeavour to correct mistakes.

I hope the information is informative and of interest,
and if you know of any article that could be included,
please feel free to email me .

Doggy History
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