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Champ Show Nov 2015 

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Judge: Caroline Nixon (Kazpom)

BIS & DCC        CH Kamis Mystical Legend of Brooklyn at Altina JW (Imp)

RBIS & BCC     Baromar Its Sno Surprise to Breezelyn

BPIS                   Baromar Its Sno Surprise to Breezelyn

RBPIS                Klassna Day Dreamer for Bilijees

BVIS                  CH Benlease Barney Rubble ShCM

RDCC                Kimimela the Dashing Prince by Abbeyleigh

RBCC               Lireva’s I’m Minnie the Mouse

Veteran Dog

1           CH Benlease Barney Rubble Shcm

Minor Puppy Dog

1                     Klassna Day Dreamer For Bilijees

2                     Manatek Toy Boy

3           Lireva’s Tarquin Fly The Bear

Res       Baromar Artic Monkey At Altina

VHC     Norvanik Joe Public

Puppy Dog

1                     Norvanik Love Machine

2                     Sueacres Snowflake At Altina

3                     Trenarwyn Chariot Of Fire

Res       Retas Hot Topic

VHC     Petitpom Top Gun

Junior Dog

1                     Abbeyleigh Smarty Pom

2                     Breezelyn Licence To Thrill

3                     Densown Sunrise

Res       Ellyansa Balboa

VHC     Essanelle Kute Eye I Am

Yearling Dog

1                     Kimimela The Dashing Prince By Abbeyleigh

2                     Bowlou Fogey Boy

3                     Essanelle Kute Eye I Am

Post Graduate Dog

1                    Elmway Elegant Emperor By Petitpom JW Shcm

2                     Bilijees Razomatazz

3                     Vibrek Vin Desal

Res       Finch’s Internal Sunshine For Persimoone (Imp)

VHC     Tuttsclump Orange Link

Limit Dog

1                     Manatek Ice So Seksy JW

2                     Pomirosa Peter Pan

3                     Gillipom Braveheart

Open Dog

1               CH Kamis Mystical Legend Of Brooklyn At Altina JW (Imp)

2               Gypsypoms You Got An Asbo By Abbeyleigh

3               CH & Phil Ch Pufpride Dreamkeeper At Lireva

Res       Casarow’s Monty Phython JW Shcm

Special Open Stud Dog

1                    CH Misteriya Del Esto Orion At Altina JW (Imp)

2                    Soffies Ice Man Shcm (Imp)

3                    Manatek Walkin On Sunshine

Special Beginners Dog

1                     Petitpom Top Gun

2                     Can. Rus. Ch Criscendo Cult Classic (Imp TAF)

Veteran Bitch

1                     Abbeyleight Miranda

Minor Puppy Bitch

1                     Tuttsclump Mamamia At Taurusdale

2                     Rebhannas Wanderlust At Altina

3                     Sueacres Snow Shower

Res       Breezelyn Dark N Dash Of Blue

VHC     Altinas Polar Queen

Puppy Bitch

1                     Baromar Its Sno Surprise To Breezelyn

2                     Abbeyleigh Cherry Bee

3                     Klassna Call Me A Star Of Travillon

Res       Retas Secret Kiss

VHC     Williana Red Lady

Junior Bitch

1                     Breezelyn Pimms O’ Clock

2                     Breezelyn Moneypenny At Kiesyl

3                     Cagneys Ice And Desire

Res       Mariajons Widow Twanky

VHC     Williana  Red Lady

Yearling Bitch

1                     Lireva’s I’m Minnie The Mouse

2                     Rebhanna’s Britannia At Altina

3                     Eluy Frozen Magic

Res       Manatek Midnight Tango At Villenelle

VHC     Bowlou Foggy Lady

Post Graduate Bitch

1                     Bowlou Foggy Daze

2                     Bowlou Pippa At Bilijees

3                     Jeshuas La Vie En Rose

Res       Manatek Midnight Tange At Villenelle

VHC     Pomirose Dancing The Dream

Limit Bitch

1                     Rebhanna’s Britannia At Altina

2                     Bilijees Arabella

3                     Jillapom Talula With Pomstar

Res       Pomirose Starshine

VHC     Trenarwyn Tiger Hussy For Sharhazlah

Open Bitch

1                     Taa Palitis Under A Glass Moon At Sueacres JW (Imp)

2                     Lireva’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic

3                     Bowlou Pie In The Sky

Res       Craigivar Devil In Disguise

Special Open Brood Bitch

1                     Craigivar Devil In Disguise

2                     Gillipom Crystal Illusion

Special Beginners Bitch

1                     Mariajon’s Widow Twanky

2                     Williana Red Lady

SAC MEMBERS OPEN – Judge Chris Wyatt (Bobander)

1                     CH Misteriya Del Esto Orion At Altina JW (Imp)

2                     CH & Phil Ch Pufpride Dreamkeeper At Lireva

3                     Manatek Walkin On Sunshine

Res       Manatek Toy Boy

VHC     Trenarwyn Chariot Of Fire