Show Results 2013
Results for South of England Pomeranian Championship Show on 3rd November 2013 at New Haw Hall

Judge Eve Smail (Toybox)

Major Awards
Dog CC: Rostellar Biligeesasmarty
Res Best Dog CC: Kelembra Dash N Desire
Best Dog: Puppy Rostellar Biligeesasmarty
Bitch CC: Cabana Carnival At Nyellastock
Res Bitch CC: Kazpom Just Be Coz
Best Bitch Puppy: Rostellars Red Sparkler
Best In Show Rostellar Biligeesasmarty
Res Best In Show: Cabana Carnival At Nyellastock
Best Puppy In Show: Rostellar Biligeesasmarty
Res Best Puppy: Rostellars Red Sparkler
Best Veteran: Ch Benlease Barney Rubble (SCM)
Best Breeder In Breed; A Cawthera-Purdy

Critique Below

Class One: Veteran Dog (3)
1st CH Benlease Barney Rubble
2nd Benlease Ace of Spades at Pomstar
3rd Joanme Mr Moonlight

Class Two: Minor Puppy Dog (10; 3A)
1st Rostellar Biligeesasmarty
2nd Misteriya Del Esto Orion at Altina
3rd Paavali’s Snow Storm
Res Pakov Icemaster of Kazpom
VHC Kiriemuir The Wizard of Oz

Class Three: Puppy Dog (6 1 Withdrawn)
1st Tuttsclump Toy Soldier
2nd Manatek Walkin on Sunshine
3rd Pomirosa Peter Pan
Res Lireva’s Sir Tan Lee Giggles
VHC Trenarwyn Spirit In The Sky

Class Four: Junior Dog (11: 3A)
1st Velvet D’amor New Love From Rostellars (Imp)
2nd Sylvids Thistle Do
3rd Lillise Freddy Mercury by Keisyl
Res Gillipom Phantom Spirit
VHC Foxhue Knight of Dreams

Class Five: Yearling Dog (8)
1st Belliver Unexpected Destiny
2nd Sylvids Thistle Do
3rd Janomas Diamond Geyser at Sekwef (NAF)
Res Pommania’s Head Line News
VHC Foxhue Knight of Dreams

Class Six: Post Graduate Dog (6 1A)
1st Sueacres Unexpected Kisses (JW)
2nd Kimimela’s Cisco Kid (JW)
3rd Janomas Diamond Geyser at Sekwef (NAF)
Res Tuttsclump Timoshanta

Class Seven: Limit Dog (6: 1A)
1st Bilijees Truelee Red
2nd Keisyl’s Has Soul
3rd Vader All That I Am At Galchris
Res Craigivar Bachelor Boy
VHC Janomas Diamond Geyser At Sekwef (NAF)

Class Eight: Open Dog (6: 1A)
1st Kelembra Dash N Desire
2nd CH Lirevas Short Sir Kit
3rd DK CH SE CH CLB CH Soffies Ducati
Res Aizens Black Thunder at Altina (Imp)
VHC CH Our Ambassador For Trenarwyn (JW SCM)

Class Nine: Special Open Stud Dog (!: 1A)

Class Ten: Special Beginners Dog (4: 1A)
1st Tuttsclump George
2nd Joanme Mr Moonlight
3rd Tuttsclump Orange Link

Class Eleven: Veteran Bitch (2)
1st Parapom Firey Flourie
2nd Chambecc Macusla of Pomirosa

Class Twelve: Minor Puppy Bitch (10: 1A)
1st Soffies Black Kiss
2nd Gillipom Driving Miss Daisy
3rd Rudoli Callisto
Res Lillise Hocus Pocus
VHC Kukla Barbi S Beren Deevoi Slobodi At Pomirosa

Class Thirteen: Puppy Bitch (8: 3A)
1st Rostellars Red Sparkler
2nd Jeshuas La Vie En Rose
3rd Bilijees Valentina
Res Pomirosa Starshine
VHC Petipom Forever Heart

Class Fourteen: Junior Bitch 9: 2A)
1st Sidlyn Clowning For Joy
2nd Grand Iz Ruzy Dodji
3rd Thelbern Olympia
Res Paavali’s Maiden Voyage
VHC Nyellastock Tia

Class Fifteen: Yearling Bitch (9: 4A)
1st Sidlyn Clowning For Joy
2nd Bowlou Pie In the Sky
3rd Craigivar Devil in Disguise
Res Parapom Lets Get On With It
VHC Nyellastock Tia

Class Sixteen: Post Graduate Bitch (7: 5A)
1st Lireva’s The Futures Bright
2nd Veltuds Summer Lovin

Class 17: Limit Bitch (12: 5A)
1st Cabana Carnival At Nyellastock
2nd Kazpom Just Be Coz
3rd Pommania’s Sun Blushed Parti
Res Blacktsar Toffee I’Scream at Tracdal
VHC Rudoli Tantalizer

Class Eighteen: Open bitch (9: 4A)
1st CH Lireva’s Cast An Net
2nd CH Altinas Truly Celestial (JW SCM)
3rd CH Lireva’s To Hell An Black (JW)
Res Pomirosa Sweet Magic
VHC Vibreck Destinys Child

Class Nineteen: Special Open Brood Bitch (1)
1st Manatek Bring Me Sunshine

Class Twenty: Special Beginners Bitch (2)
1st Parapom Mark of Distinction At Foxlyn (JW SHCM)



It was a great honour to be asked to judge the Centenary Show, the Atmosphere in the hall took me back to the old days when everyone crammed in and chatted and cheered and gave hearty congratulations win or lose. The Secretary and Committee are to be congratulated on making it a really special show which will be long remembered.

I found the bitches to be better than the dogs, few bad mouths and very few that were not entire, but the most worrying aspect was the number of Poms that did not have a closed scull and in some cases I found it quite gruesome how big the hole was. This is a mega devastation to the breed if it is not nipped in the bud. PLEASE don’t breed from those bitches that have it and ask to go over any male that you may want to use to make sure he doesn’t have it either..

Veteran Dog.
1) Odds Ch BENLEASE BARNEY RUBBLE; Upstanding orange, nice head and eye, near ears, good body and high tail set, good coat of correct texture, very sound on the move, his outgoing personality just tipped the balance over the lovely V bitch to give him Best Veteran in Show, congratulation to his owner for keeping him in such good order.
2)Lamberts BENLEASE ACE OF OF SPADES AT POMSTAR; another older boy in good condition, black with good head and eye, solid body and in good coat of good colour, moved very well, both these dogs came from the same breeder showing she can breed sound dogs that have lasted the test of time..
3)Chapmans JOANME MR MOONLIGHT; 10 years old, this little boy melted my heart, beautiful face, huge coat, toddled round enjoying his day and obviously much loved.

1) Stones,ROSTELLAR BILIGEESASMARTY; when I judge I am always hoping that I find something exciting and when this little guy entered the ring I knew I had found it. Wolf sable just 6 months old, beautiful head with tiny ears, dark correct eye ,perfect bit and entire, beautiful melting expression, super solid little body, good rib and short back, well set high tail, correct harsh coat, not overdone, just at the right stage for his age , on the move he is perfection, totally balanced and moving in one piece, so very sound front and back and covers the ground well on his side gate, never stopped showing. I knew he was the dog the rest of the room had to beat and he did, delighted to award him CC, BOB and Best puppy in show, much to the shock of his owner but to the delight of the room.
2)Holmans MISTERIYA DEL ESTO ORION AT ALTINEA; handsome orange with lots to like, nice head with tiny ears, good mouth, excellent body, short back, huge correct coat which makes him look bigger than he is, very sound on the move, showed well and presented to perfection.
3)D’arcy AND Nuffield's; PAAVALI SNOW STORM, Eyecatching  white, lovely head and expression, neat ears and excellent pigmentation, good body, short back and good tail set, coat of good colour coming in well, a little careless with his rear today, well presented and showed. Nice to see this colour in the ring. A nice trio of puppies but all very different type.

1)Orchard and Whitelock's; TUTTSCLUMP TOY SOLDIER; cream with lovely head and expression, perfect bite,and good pigment, good body with coat coming along nicely, brisk and sound on the move, well shown and presented.should have a good future,.
2)Nolan Titchener and Hall's; MANATEK WALKIN ON SUNSHINE; compact orange sable, nice head, super pigmentation, good bite , solid body and good tailset. Good coat of correct texture coming on well., excellent movement and showed well.
3)Reids; POMIROSE PETER PAN; appealing cream, lovely head and pigment, good mouth, solid body, expertly shown and presented, moved true coming and going.

1)Lewis’s; VELVET D’AMOUR NEW LOVE FROM ROSTELLAR; there is a lot less of this dog than would appear . Huge coat, cream, pleasing head , nice expression ,perfect mouth and pigment. Really well constructed, and sound in the extreme, shown and presented to perfection by an expert. Newcomers take note.
2)Adamson's; SYLVIDS THISTLE DO; another lovely cream boy smaller than one, nice head and good pigmentation, solid construction throughout, sadly today he just wouldn’t give his best for this owner and show or move as I know he can. A bitch in season took this boys mind off the job today. Will be back on top when he coats up and get girls off his mind.
3)Popes; LILLISE FREDDY MERCURY; upstanding boy with lots to like, nice head and mouth, super body, sound and showy. Well Presented. Sparking personality as are all from this kennel.

1)Cawrhera-Purdy’s; BELLIVER UNEXPECTED DESTINY; Orange sable , Full of personality with look at me expression, pleasing head super pigment, ears high on top of his head, good solid body, high tail set, in good harsh coat, really covers the ground on the move, expertly presented and shown as are all the dogs from this kennel.
2)Sylvid's; THISTLE DO;
3)Hull's GILLAPOM PHANTOM SPIRIT; This is a very nice little dog when his owner stops winding him up. Very pretty head and expression, good body, short and compact. He can be choppy on the move, but when he and his owner calm down and settles there is lots to like about him. I found him very appealing.

1)Smiths; SUEACRES UNEXPECTED KISSES; wolf sable, lovely head and expression, super pigment, good body, entire, high tail set. Excellent coat of correct texture , good plume, which usually come with this colour, moved very well. Well presented. He reminds me of dogs from my past. I would like to see a little more sparkle from him, but like him a lot.
2)Talbots, KIMIMELA CISCO KID; JW., small vibrant red orange boy in super coat, sweet head, perfect bite,excellent pigmentation, , tiny ears, short back and high tailset, moved very well, very well presented and shown. Two lovely dogs of different type, that will change places many times.
3)Fewkes; JONAMAS DIAMOND GEYSER AT SEKWEF; another stylish boy, appealing head , good mouth, good rib and tailset. Moved well front and back, well shown. A nice trio.

1)Stone's; BILIJEES TRUE RED; Smart orange sable, pretty head, nice eye and good pigment, very good body, with good tail set, super little mover ,can really cover the ground, shown and presented to perfection, just a little lacking in coat today.
2)Popes KEISYL HAS SOUL, smart orange in huge coat of correct texture, sweet head, tiny ears, short back and good tailset, nice mover, never stopped showing. Two very nice boys.
3)Wheelers;VADERS ALL THAT I AM AT GALCHRIS; Another smart boy making up a nice trio, nice head and expression, good bite and pigment, coat of super texture, very sound and showy.

1)Holroyd’s; KELEMBRA DASH AND DESIRE; Wolf sable who has to be handled to be appreciated. Wolf Sable markings on the face don’t always show them in the best light, sweet head and tiniest ears, well place high on scull, good mouth, lovely front, short body with good rib, high tail set. Lovely legs and feet, he moves in one piece ,so very sound. Harshest of coats but his presentation could have been better, none the less his size and overall construction pleased me a lot. Res CC
2)Cawthera’s Ch LIREVA’S SHORT CIRCUIT; Lovely deep orange boy, pretty face ,beautiful mouth and tiny ears, good body, short and and high tail set, very sound on the move and has a wonderful animated personality. His owner tells me he was to be retired on the day and we can look forward to seeing his puppies in the near future.
3)Jacobsens; DK.CH.SE.CH CLB SOFFIES DECATI; Exquisite headed orange boy, very well constricted and very sound, beautifully presented , I regret, that he did not have enough coat for me today, but I can see how he has gained all his titles.

1)Spratt's; TUTTSCLUMP GEORGE; Nice cream with pretty face and good pigmentation, well constructed and sound, well handled.
3)Ditchburn's; TUTTSCLUMP ORANGE LINK; orange boy,enjoying his day out, nice head, sound and showy, nicely handled.

1)Boyes; PARAPOM FIREY FLEURY; 8 years old and in beautiful condition, lovey head and expression, super body, good tail set, in super coat, move very well.
Minor Puppy Bitch.
1)Jacobsens; SOFFIES BLACK KISS; small black girl, sweetest of faces, perfect bite, lovely eye and expression ,tiny well placed ears, super little body, so very sound and moved well for one to young, huge coat, a little shaded but that will clear with age, never stopped showing, superbly handled.
2)Hull’s; JILLAPOM DRIVING MISS DAISY; larger dual purpose, very stylish girl, clear bright orange with a big personality, lovely head and eye, ears right up on top, very good body and highest tail set. Coat coming nicely, Moved well when settled, needs calm handling. Will do well.
3)Scofields; RUDOLI CALLISTO; deep red orange baby just 6 months old, raw but nothing to hide, lovely head and expression good mouth, super little body and tail set, moved and showed very well considering her long journey. Will look forward to seeing her mature. A lovely trio of babies.

1)Lewis; ROSTELLAR RED SPARKLER; clear orange of real quality, liked her since she first came out, and glad she has grown on a bit, loveliest of heads, tiny well placed ears, good little body, highest of tail sets. Good coat of correct texture beautifully presented. Free and sound on the move, would like a little more pigment round her eyes which would give her a little more expression. Res Best Puppy In Show.
2)James; JESHUAS LA VIE EN ROSE; another nice orange girl, nice head, eye, and pigment, good sold body, short coupled and with good tail set, very good on the move and very well presented and handled.
3)Lewis; BILIJJEES VALENTINA; Cream bitch ideal dual purpose, pleasing head and pigment, super body, good tail set, huge coat of good texture,showed and handled well.
1)Smiths; SIDLYN CLOWING FOR JOY; lovely orange, liked her since seeing her a baby at LKA,she has fulfilled her early promise, nice size, pretty head with good eye and expression, excellent body, short in back and high set tail, excellent quality coat, moved and showed to advantage.
2)Daveys; GRAND IZ RUZY OODJI; another nice size girl, pleasing head, good bite, neat ears, very sound on the move and showed well, just lacking a bit in coat today but a nice girl none the less .
3)Alsfords; THELBER OLIYMPIA; Pretty head, perfect mouth, well constructed all through, sound and showy.

2)Elliston's; BOWLOU PIE IN THE SKY; beautiful cream sable, beautiful head and expression, very well constructed, with good legs and cat feet. Moved very well and showed to perfection, I would like to see her lose a bit of weight which would make her more animated.
3)Bailey’s; CRAIGIVAR DEVIL IN DISGUISE; a little smaller than 1 and 2 , very pretty head, tiny ears, very well put together, good harsh coat, sound on the move and very showy, three very nice girls.

1)Cawthera Purdy's; LIREVA’S THE FUTURES BRIGHT; Ideal size and full of personality, pleasing head super bite, good body, short coupled, good harsh coat, moves very well when settled, shown and presented to perfection.
2) Adamsons; VELTUDS SUMMER LOVIN; Dark orange dual purpose girl, nice head, well bodied, shows very well, needs to tighten in rear movement.

For quality in abundance this was the best class of the day and every bitch in this class was first place material, I was sorry not to be able to place all in this class and they will change places many times.
1)Worthingtons; CABANA CARNIVAL AT NYELLASTOCK; What a breath of fresh air to see a bitch of this size being exhibited, it is the larger girls with their good bodies and sound contstruction that are the backbone of the breed. Tiny weedy girls are not the way forward. Beautiful head and real “ready for anything” expression, super body with good rib, a little longer than some but thats what you want in a dual purpose girl, very high tail set, and good shape overall ,on the move she power drives along with her “places to go, people to see” attitude. Delighted to award her CC and Res BIS. I hope others will bring their good larger girls out of the kennel and help get this breed back on track, and that judges will recognise them as CC material.
2)Nixons; KAZPOM JUST BE COZ; the most exquisite head, dark eye and super expression, nicely constructed and of an ideal size, huge fan tail, which some were lacking today, very showy and very well presented, can be just a tad silly with her back end when she gets excited, but will settle down with time. Pleased to award her Res CC.
3)Sloughs' POMMANIA SUN BLUSHED PARTI; another really nice girl of dual purpose size, nice head and perfect bite, and personality,super body with nice legs and cat feet, very sound and showy, well presented. Three really super bitches.

1)Cawthera’s Ch LIVERV CAST A NET; Charming bright orange girl, nice head with tiny ears, perfect bite. Lovely and compact throughout, good quality coat and well plumed tail, covers the ground well on the move, shown and presented to perfection.
2)Holman’s; CH. ALTINA’S TRULY CELECTIAL JW.SCM; Well know winner, ultra short and compact, very showy, lovely head, chunky and well bodied for her size. Moved well and shown to perfection.
3)3) Cawthera’s; CH LIREVA TO HELL AND BLACK; made up a lovely trio of girls, sweetest of heads, tiny ears and good expression, compact and correct, moves and show to perfection, just not in her best coat right now.

1)Orchard and Whitelocks; MANATEK BRING ME SUNSHINE; nice sized girl, dark sable with all the good pigment that this colour brings, , pleasing head, sturdy body, just the type of bitch any good kennel would love,boyant mover who loves to show.

1)Fox’s; PARAPOM MARK OF DISTINCTION; Lovely girl, good head with good pigment, perfect bite ,.well constructed though out, solid body, good legs and tight feet, one of the soundest here today, sadly she is not back in full coat. Well shown and beautifully presented.