Champ Show 2010
Championship Show
New Haw Community Hall
Sunday 14th November
Judge Mr Terry Nethercote (Sunslave)

Major Results
Best Dog: Zentarr Harry
Res Best Dog: Bilijees What A Charmer
Best Bitch: Zentarr Bethany
Res Best Bitch: Lirevas The House Mouse
Best In Show: Zentarr Harry
Reserve Best In Show: Bilijees What A Charmer

Class One: Vet reran Dog or Bitch (2)
1st: Altinas Apollo JW SCM
Absentees: One

Class Two: Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st: Keisyl's Starturn
Absentees: Two

Class Three: Puppy Dog: (9)
1st: Bilijees What A Charmer
2nd: Keisyl’s Starbright
3rd:Razda Whispering Gold
Res: Lireva’s The Flying Scot Zmun
VHC: Alitinas Touch of Phoenix
Absentees: One

Class Four: Junior Dog (7)
1st: Pikapom Playford Star
2nd: Altinas Silver Comet
3rd: Breezelyn Dark N’ Dazzlin
Res: Villenelle Linked To Love
VHC: Mazeray King of Diamonds
Absentees: One

Class Five: Post Graduate Dog (12)
1st: Blacktsar Vanilla Sky Over Altina
2nd: Tuttsclump Maxamillion
3rd: Mazeray And All Things Nice
Res: Bowlou Tonka Toy
VHC: Parapom Fluffy Teddy Bear
Absentees: Two

Class Six: Limit Dog: (11)
1st: Bilijees Touch Of Wizard For Rosegrange
2nd: Blazin Outlaw At Trenarwyn SCM
3rd: Breezelyn Designer Genes
Res: Tayfirs Topaz With Brybett
VHC: Parapom Curtain Raiser At Benlease
Absentees: Two

Class Seven: Open Dog: (8)
1st: Zentarr Harry
2nd: Foxmitch Simply Red
3rd: CH Lirevas Sir Fin The Net
Res: Benlease Barney Rubble SCM
VHC: Dual At Dawn For Daintylea
Absentees: One

Class Eight: Minor Puppy Bitch: (4)
1st: Jilapom Dress Me In Pearls
2nd: Barleycorns Muz Bee At Foxfleet (NAF)
3rd: Jilapom Music On The Nite
Absentees: One

Class Nine: Puppy Bitch: (5)
1st: Soffies Bumble Bee
2nd: Jilapom Dress Me In Pearls
3rd: Parapom Mark Of Distinction
Res: Jilipom Music Of The Nite
Absentees: One

Class Ten: Junior Bitch: (14)
1st: Lireva’s the Flower of Scotland
3rd: Manateks Most Wanted
Res: Bilijees Arabella
VHC: Villenelle Clockwork Orange

Class Eleven: Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Zentarr Bethany
2nd: Daintylea’s Meant To Be
3rd: Lillise Baby Talk
Res: Benlease Must Be Magic
Absentees: Four

Class Twelve: Limit Bitch: (8)
1st: Altinas Truly Celestial
2nd: Abbeyleigh Perfectly Prada
3rd: Keisyl Sweet Soul Music
Res: Brybett Camellia At Nyellastock JW
VHC: Bilijees Sweet Hope

Class Thirteen: Open Bitch: (5)
1st: Lirevas’ The House Mouse
2nd: CH Zentarr Hollie
3rd: Abbeyleigh Miranda
Absentees: Two

Class Fourteen: Special Open (Orange) Dog or Bitch (6)
1st: Villenelle Linked To Love
2nd: Benlease Robin
Absentees: Three

Class Fifteen: Special Open (Orange or Sable) Dog or Bitch (6)
1st: Lireva’s Short Sir Kit
2nd: Abbeyleigh Perfectly Prada
3rd: Daintylea’s Meant To Be
Res: Parapom Fluffy Teddy Bear
Absentees: Two

Class Sixteen: Special Open (Black/Cream) Dog or Bitch (4)
1st: Altinas Silver Phoenix JW SCM
2nd: Abbeyleigh Halle Berry
3rd: Parapom Mark Of Distinction
Res: Tuttsclump George

Class Seventeen: SP Open (Any Other Colour Dog Or Bitch) (1)
Absentees: One

Class Eighteen: Special Open Stud Dog (must have sired a Litter) (3)
1st: Velltuds Kentucky Gold at Altina
Absentees Two

Class Nineteen:  SP Open Brood Bitch (must have whelped a Litter) (4)
1st: Apollena Queen of Mantek JW
2nd: CH Keisyl Tinkerbell By Abbeyleigh
Absentees: Two
Champ Show 2010