Results of South of England Pomeranian Club  Championship Show
Sunday 2nd November 2009
Judge Mrs Val Christopher (Foxhue)

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Major Awards

Best Dog: Mrs Bower’s: 'Benlease Robin'

Best Reserve Dog: Mrs B Fleetwood’s: 'Abbeyleigh Inca'

Best Puppy: Mrs Crossley’s: 'Pikapom Sundae Delight'

Best Bitch: Mrs B Fleetwood's: 'Abbeyleigh Miranda'

Res Best Bitch: Ms S Smith's: 'Sueacres Centrefold'

Res Best Puppy: Mr J Scholfield’s: 'Rudoli Beachcomber'

Best In Show: Mrs B Fleetwood's: 'Abbeyleigh Miranda'

Res Best In Show: Ms S Smith's: 'Sueacres Centrefold'


Class 1: Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)
1st Mrs Ditchburn’s; ‘Talvina Crumble Crunch'

Class 2: Minor Puppy Dog (7)
1st;Mr J Scholfield’s; ‘Rudoli Beachcomber’
2nd;Mrs L Elliston’s; ‘Bowlou Fancy Star’
3rd; Mrs N Worthington’s; ‘Nyellastock Nemesis’
Res; Mrs S Bower’s; ‘Benlease Crackerjack’

Class 3: Puppy Dog (5)
1st; Mrs S Bower’s; ‘Bowlou Dinky Toy’
2nd; Mrs L Elliston’s; 'Bowlou Tonka Toy'
3rd; Messrs Titchener & Hall’s; ‘Tuttsclump Maxamillion’
Res; Miss A Pike’s; ‘Chyapom Vin Diesel At Breezelyn’

Class 4: Junior Dog (7)
1st; Mrs L Webster’s; ‘Pomlyn Rudi The Dude’
2nd; Miss C Odd’s; ‘Blazin Outlaw At Trenarwyn’
3rd; Mr C Spratt's; 'Tuttsclump George'
Res; Mrs A Orchard & Mrs S Whitelock’s; 'Retas Trick Or Treat’
VHC; Mr & Mrs Hiam’s; ‘Mazeray And All Things Nice’

Class 5: Maiden Dog (1)
1st Mrs N Worthington’s; ‘Nyellastock Nemesis’

Class 6: Novice Dog (0)

Class 7; Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st; Mr & Mrs J Stephenson’s; ‘Joanme Mistic Moonlight’

Class 8: Limit Dog (7)
1st; Mrs B Fleetwood’s; ‘Abbeyleagh Inca’
2nd; Mrs J Pike’s; ‘Breezlyn Designer Genes’
3rd; Miss H Lambert’s; 'Benlease Ace Of Spades At Pomstar' SCM
Res Mrs L Elliston’s; ‘Bowlou Starturn’
VHC; Mr & Mrs Stephenson's; 'Kiriemuir Johnny B Good At Joanme'

Class 9: Open Dog (5)
1st; Mr & Mrs G Crossley’s; ‘Pikapom Celebrity’
2nd; Mr D Cawthera’s; CH ‘Lireva’s Sir Fin The Net’
3rd Miss C & Mrs M Odd’s; ‘Benlease Barney Rubble’
Res; Mrs C Stewart’s; ‘Earnpride Quickstep’
VHC Mrs A Ditchburn’s 'Tuttsclump Legacy'

Class 10: Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st Mr D Cawthera’s; ‘Loqueris Shes All Yours Lireva’
2nd; Mrs L Elliston’s 'Bowlou Fancy Nancy'
3rd; Mr J Scholfield’s; ‘Rudoli Tiger Lily’
Res; Mrs S Bower’s; ‘Benlease Must Be Magic’

Class 11: Puppy Bitch (5)
Mr & Mrs G Crossley’s; ‘Pikapom Sundae Delight’
2nd; Mrs J Pike’s; ‘Breezelyn Dark And Dainty’
3rd; Mrs J Pike; ‘Breezlyn Hint Of Blue’
Res; Mr J Scholfield’s; 'Thelbern A Touch Of Class At Rudoli’
VHC; Mrs G Taylors; 'Royella Canfle Glow'

Class 12: Junior Bitch (5)
1st; Mrs N Worthington’s; ‘Brybett Camellia At Nyellastock’
2nd; Mrs S Parker's; ‘Monte Erebus Dulce De Leche To daranash (imp). ’
3rd; Mrs S Bower’s; ‘Benlease Crystal Flash’
Res; Mrs B Fleetwood’s; ‘Abbeyleigh Perfectly Prada’

Class 13: Maiden Bitch (1)
1st; Mrs B Fleetwood’s; ‘Abbeyleigh Perfectly Prada’

Class 14; Novice Bitch (1)

Class 15: Post Graduate Bitch (5)
1st; Mr & Mrs J Stephenson’s; ‘Joanme Crystal Gem’
2nd; Mrs S Whitelock’s; ‘ Manatek Cider Rose’
3rd; Mr J Scholfield’s; ‘Thelbern Waltzing Matilda At Rudoli’
Res; Mrs J Chopping’s; ‘Thelbern Crepe Suzette At Goldfox (imp)’

Class 16: Limit Bitch (5)
1st; Mrs B Fleetwood’s; ‘Abbeyleigh Miranda’
2nd Mrs L Webster’s; ‘Pomlyn Claudette’
3rd; Mrs J Chopping’s; ‘Thelbern Minneola With Goldfox’

Class 17: Open Bitch (4)
1st Ms S Smith’s; 'CH Sueacres Centrefold’

Class 18: Special Open (Orange) Dog or Bitch (0)

Class 19: Special Open (Orange Sable) Dog or Bitch (3)
1st; Mr J Scholfield’s; ‘Thelbern Step In Time With Rudoli’
2nd; Mrs B Fleetwood’s; ‘CH Keisyl Tinkerbell By Abbeyleigh’

Class 20: Special Open (Black/Cream) Dor or Bitch (3)

Class 21: Special Open any other Colour Dog or Bitch (3)
1st; Mrs L Webster's; 'Pomlyn' Claudette (bitch)
2nd; Dr V Chapman's 'Joanme Mr Moonlight' (dog)

Class 22: Special Open Stud Dog (2)
1st; Mrs S Bower’s; ‘Benlease Robin’
2nd Mrs S Whitelock’s; ‘Altinas Dark Web At Reta’

Class 23: Special Open Brood Bitch (2)

Champ Show 2009