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National Dog Show
Since 1859 the Birmingham Dog Show Society have organised THE NATIONAL DOG SHOW BIRMINGHAM which was held in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Birmingham show held in November 1859 was organized by Mr. Richard Brailsford, gamekeeper Ensured the show, held in one of the galleries of the Horse and Carriage Repository, Birmingham was a successful event for the 80 or so dogs entered in the 14 classes.
Inspired by the popularity of this show the committee continued to make this an annual event and some of the gentlemen involved to become the founder members of the Kennel Club some 14 years later.
. In the early days sawdust was the norm for the floor; the dogs were paraded between the benches and held by stewards while being judged.
In 1859 Pointers and Setters were the only breeds on show
and there were 3 judges.).
The National Agricultural Centre had been the venue over the years, and in The late 1980's was moved to Perry Park Birmingham, until it moved to Arbury Hall, Warwickshire, in 2000-2001 Two shows were held at the NEC and In 2002 the Society moved to present day site Bingley Hall, Stafford

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